Wakefield business community group brings so many member benefits

We are Wakefield is a local, non-profit organisation that aims to help businesses in the Wakefield region – putting them in touch with others to form new connections and relationships.  The organisation exists for the benefit of its members, encouraging collaboration between businesses across the district and working closely with each member to support its growth, thus improving the local economy.

Being involved with We are Wakefield (WAW) for just under a year has already put Solupak in touch with some fantastic people and companies right on our doorstep, we may never have encountered them if we hadn’t joined. Some of these businesses include: Wakefield Community Foundation, Juice Personnel, CM Healthcare, Jonathon Scotts, Stada and Camphill, to name just a few.

As part of WAW, there are frequent networking events, from fine dining experiences to business tours and even a sustainability day, which we hosted on our new site. For us, we felt that putting a presentation together, demo-ing our products and providing a full site tour would help other members to truly understand the magic that is SoluCLEAN and the whole business model of Solupak. One of the most rewarding takeaways from this day was the feedback with regard to sustainability, and how many attendees were planning on implementing new sustainability targets at their own businesses too.

We asked Solupak General Manager, Helen McDonald, to share her thoughts on the We are Wakefield initiative by answering a few questions:

  • How did you get in touch with WAW?

I met Claire though her previous role where she offered us some wonderful business support. Claire connected us with We are Wakefield and conversations quickly led to Solupak hosting a very successful sustainability and business event, even before becoming members.

  • How do you feel about the organisation and opportunities it has brought?

From our first introduction to becoming members, We are Wakefield has become a valuable local resource for both myself and Solupak. Not only to introduce local businesses to our fantastic soluCLEAN range but to also develop local supplier relationships and onward connections. We have several impressive projects underway with fellow members that may not have occurred without the We are Wakefield event opportunities.

  • Are there any exciting WAW events being held at Solupak in the future?

Absolutely –  we have some fantastic plans coming together for an event in October, once again with a focus on sustainability, but this time with a fun twist that I’m sure the members will get behind. I can’t wait to share more details with the rest of the We are Wakefield community in coming months.

  • How important is working with the local community to you?

It’s effectively part of Solupak’s core values, as well as my own. Our team is made from homegrown talent and while we strive to grow as a business, developing skills and resources internally, we want that success to impact and grow our local community. Whether that be by sharing our knowledge and skills set or giving our time and efforts to support local charities.

  • Is WAW a group that you would recommend to others in the community that haven’t yet joined?

No matter the size or sector, I would say undoubtedly yes!  The opportunities and connections available are too worthwhile to miss. Come along to an event and give it a try for yourself.

The Solupak team’s positive outlook on the relationship with WAW is also reciprocated by the people that work for the organisation too, We Are Wakefield Managing Director, Claire Sutherley shed some light on how she feels about it too…

“Solupak became members of We Are Wakefield in January 2022 and have been a great example of how to make networking effective for your business.  Helen and the team have actively engaged in all our events and have built up some superb relationships with other members of the WAW community.  They have looked at their supply chains and their corporate social responsibility and have been collaborating with several businesses and third sector organisations in the WAW framework.  Solupak has also shown how active engagement creates opportunities and have gained new clients as a result. They are helping to strengthen our local economy by constant collaboration and interaction at all levels with other members of the local business community.”

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