soluCLEAN Our Story

Our story begins 8 years ago, when the soluCLEAN founders developed and created a range of products that eliminated single use plastics from the entire supply and product chain. The team who created the soluCLEAN range had already been working with the PVOH water-soluble film and noticed a gap in the market to use this technology to wrap chemical concentrates in, and so soluCLEAN was born.

The journey of soluCLEAN is one of many twists; 8 years ago the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘eco’ were treated with much less vigor and importance as they are now. soluCLEAN was the first single use plastic free cleaning brand In the commercial cleaning sector… the market place today compared to that of 8 years ago has progressed to having the environment at the forefront.

Now, people are purchasing and researching into the most sustainable and eco-responsible products, not to tick a box, but because they genuinely care about the products that are being used to clean their sites.

Our story has recently taken it's latest twist, soluCLEAN has been given a whole new look: a new brand concept, a firmly defined tone and messaging that sums up the benefits and ethos of the brand. As sustainable products become more and more in demand, we thought it best to evolve with the times too.


soluCLEAN is simple, straight forward and does what it says on the recyclable bottle! 😉

Check out our new corporate video of the team here!


The biggest benefit for the end-user is the huge reduction in single use plastic waste, we estimate that we've saved over 6000 KGS of plastic from entering the waste streams in our client premises.

Danny Gostt
Operations Director of TSS

"As a family and well respected commercial cleaning and support to use, which is why our partnership with Solupak has been a success... we started rolling out the Solupak products in 2018, and this transition was done with ease, thanks to the valuable training materials and services that were provided by their team. We have the Solupak products ran as smoothly as possible."

Mike Rowley
Operations Director

"We started using the Solupak products in 2018 after having some trouble with previous suppliers who turned out to be unreliable. We have never had an issue with obtaining stock from Solupak, and the products have been the most effective that we have tried."

Eoin O'Brien
Operations Director

The response from our Retail colleagues has been excellent with quick adoption, and high praise for this innovative solution.

Ally Stephenson
Head of Purchasing (GNFR)