Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is a time of fresh beginnings and rethinking old ideas, so we’ve channelled this seasonal zeitgeist and put together some of our favourite Solupak products to spring clean your business.

Solupak cleaning products is a range of eco-friendly concentrated surface cleaners encapsulated in fully water-soluble sachets. This means that we don’t ship excess water, storage space is reduced and you don’t have to come into direct contact with harsh chemicals. Saving you time, space and money!

Trigger Products

Trigger sachets were designed for the ‘everyday’ surface cleaning. We’ve designed our water soluble tablets so that they’re highly concentrated, optimising the highest level of cleaning capacity while also being completely sealed in a protective layer of soluble BICSc.

This means your staff never have to come into direct contact with harmful chemicals without compromising on the cleanliness of your business space.

Manual Floor Cleaning

Floor cleaning products are often the most expensive, both of money and storage space. Our range of manual floor cleaning products are super concentrated so there’s no added costs for shipping water around the country and very little space is required for storage.

Throughout our entire process, from concept, R&D, testing, manufacturing, packaging to distribution, we always have the focus of minimising our carbon footprint at the forefront of our minds. This way, you can be assured that while helping your business, you’re helping us do better for the environment.

Custom Designs

As everything we sell is made, from concept design to production, by our team of experienced in-house specialists, we’re always happy to make something a little more bespoke for your business. 

By contacting a member of our helpful team, we can discuss custom product designs from the bottled label to the very formulae!

If you think that your business could benefit from any of the above, please get in touch or call one of our in-house experts for more information on 44 (0) 1924 565120