Solupak to work with the Glenn Group

Solupak are proud to announce that they have been chosen by the Glenn Group to supply water soluble packaging solutions for its cleaning products.

The Glenn Group is a large cleaning company offering cleaning and support services for businesses in Bedford, Oxford, Northampton, London and the surrounding areas.

As a commercial cleaning company the Glenn Group has recognised the importance of limiting the environmental impact of its activities. By collaborating with Solupak, the Glenn Group can minimise the amount of plastic waste which it generates, thus helping to protect the planet. 

We have all seen the horrendous pictures of wildlife being hurt by plastic waste and we are only just realising the potential damage to our oceans from micro plastics. 

Solupak’s revolutionary water soluble delivery systems are ideal for cleaning products allowing hazardous chemicals to be dispensed safely without the danger of spillage. Using water soluble PVOH sachets can also help to save money by ensuring that the correct amount of cleaning product is used. 

Solupak is on a mission to reduce the amount of packaging and waste generated by industry and its efforts have been recognised by Ecolabel and Cruelty Free International

Solupak produces water soluble PVOH packaging for a variety of industries and all its products are formulated, blended, packaged and tested at its own facility in Yorkshire. 
For more information on our environmentally friendly cleaning products, contact us today on 44 (0) 1924 565120 , or email [email protected], and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.