Solupak reaches the billion milestone

Solupak are proud to announce that they have now produced over one billion PVOH sachets

Solupak began with one man’s mission to help save the planet from the harmful effects of plastic waste and has become a story of ongoing success.

Since Solupak was established in 1998 it has gone on to expand and extend its services, tripling its workforce in the past few years alone. 

Solupak now produces PVOH water soluble packaging for a huge range of industries and products and its range is continually being expanded thanks to its in-house Research and Development department which is continually refining and developing new applications for its products.

Why water soluble? 

Water soluble packaging can deliver a whole host of benefits to the user. 

Solupak’s unique system can mean an immediate reduction in packaging waste and the elimination of the need to dispose of contaminated waste. It also allows hazardous chemicals to be handled safely and reduces waste as accurate dosing is guaranteed. 

The use of water soluble sachets also cuts transportation costs as users do not have to pay for the transportation of bulky packaging and less space is needed for storage.

Above all, Solupak’s unique system is kinder to the environment as it drastically reduces the need for plastic packaging which is now seen as one of the most immediate of all the environmental threats to our planet.

About Solupak

Solupak’s environmental efforts have been recognised by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel who approve all our  products. For more information about Solupak and our groundbreaking services, call us now on +44(0) 1924 565120 or by email at [email protected].