Solupak goes International

Solupak is pleased to announce that it has begun exporting its Eco-friendly products to Australia.

From small beginnings in Yorkshire, where it was formed in 1998, Solupak has grown dramatically over the past two decades and now supplies its products to many businesses at home in the UK and abroad. 

Solupak has always aimed at becoming a truly global concern and this is now becoming a reality with its latest venture in Australia. 

Solupak is passionate about spreading the message that industry does not have to be polluting and that with a few, often money saving, changes businesses can dramatically reduce their environmental impact. Solupak has secured the services of a main distributor in Australia and is now supplying ten lines of product through this partner. 

Many Australian mining companies are already seeing the potential in Solupak’s products which have allowed them to drastically reduce both their general waste and chemical waste.

Solupak is committed to reducing the amount of plastic packaging and waste generated by industry and it produces products which use either fully recyclable plastic or water soluble packaging which  removes the need for plastic completely. All products are approved by Cruelty Free International and Ecolabel (where appropriate).

Solupak’s products are ideal for shipping as the minimal packaging required means that they are relatively compact, lighter and easier to store. 

For more information regarding Solupak’s services and products please call our helpline on +44(0) 1924 565120 or we can be contacted by email at [email protected].