Daily Toilet Cleaner W_Pack (Transparent background)

Daily Toilet Cleaner


The soluCLEAN Toilet Cleaner has increased viscosity to cling to the toilet basin, as well as a built in de-scaler too.

Our acidic toilet cleaner rids the toilet of bacteria while eliminating bad odours and leaves behind a pleasant and fresh smell of violet & jasmine

Suitable for use on porcelain, ceramic and stainless steel this product can be used in both toilets and urinals and safely in septic tanks.

All of our products are...

  • Made in the UK
  • Sustainably derived
  • Cruelty free international certified
  • Certified by The Vegan Society
  • EU Approved
  • Concentrated to ensure they economical and efficient
  • 90%+ naturally derived ingredients
  • Free from Palm Oil, VOC’s, Phosphates and EDTA
  • Pre measured doses to optimise your cleaning
  • Available in multipack sizes to suit your application
Sustainably DerivedPlastic free cleaning