Pear Tree FM to use Solupak’s Services

Solupak are proud to announce that they have been chosen by Pear Tree FM to supply sustainable cleaning products for their commercial cleaning and support service company. 

Pear Tree FM works with leading companies providing a wide range of quality services including: commercial cleaning, housekeeping, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control, waste management and washroom and hygiene services. 

They also provide specialist cleaning services for IT manufacturers as well as clean room cleaning. 

Pear Tree FM is a London based company which has been providing high quality cleaning services since 1986. They take great pride in their reputation for delivering its services to a very high standard and is proud to invest in both its workforce and new technology to help the company run smoothly. 

The fact that Pear Tree delivers over 1 million cleaning hours for its customers is a testament to the success of its business. 

Pear Tree FM has committed itself to continuing to deliver a high standard of service alongside its responsibility to care for the environment. They feel that it is their social responsibility to invest in sustainable procurement –  and this is where Solupak comes in. 

Solupak provides water soluble cleaning products which reduce the need for single use plastics in the cleaning environment. By using Solupak’s innovative PVOH film system cleaning products can be delivered without the need for plastic. 

We have long been on a mission to reduce the amount of packaging and waste generated by industry.

Solupak look forward to a long and sustainable partnership with Pear Tree FM in their joint efforts to care for the environment. 

For more information on our environmentally friendly cleaning products, contact us today on 44 (0) 1924 565120 , or email [email protected], and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.