How to Keep Your Business Clean and Safe

As increasing numbers of workers begin adapting to office life at home, many business owners begin to reflect on the safety of their organisation’s working environment and how this could be improved.

To help you and your staff return to a safer and cleaner environment, we’ve put a short guide together from the experts in eco-friendly commercial cleaning.

Why is Workplace Cleanliness Important?

No matter your industry sector or where your staff are based, maintaining hygienic work environments protects your staff’s wellbeing and happiness – ultimately encouraging productivity and efficiency. 

Staff Health

In light of the recent inexorable spread of Coronavirus forcing many workers home, it’s become undeniably apparent that businesses may not be taking adequate measures to protect against this.

Illness is spread by the distribution of pathogens and these are most commonly transferred between people by sneezing, coughing and touching unclean surfaces. The most frequently transmittable surfaces are often the ones most easily forgotten, like doorknobs and push surfaces on fire doors.

With over 80% of infectious diseases being most commonly transmitted by touch, it’s more important than ever to protect yourself, your staff and your business.


Provisions for the cleanliness of the worker environment can boost employee morale by creating a sense of belonging and worthiness within the organisation.

If staff feel cared for by the business in a safe environment, they are more likely to be focused in their work and willing to put in what it takes to yield the best results.

Essentially, what’s good for staff is good for business!


It’s not uncommon for modern business spaces to be frequently visited by clients and prospective business and a clean environment leaves a good impression on both its employees and its visitors.

Ensuring that both the people in and out of your organisation are reassured of your priorities being your staff will boost your businesses image.

What Can I Do?

From the Top to the Bottom

There’s no avoiding getting stuck in and manually cleaning. However, adopting a ‘top to bottom’ strategy can avoid further cross contamination and ensure the most effective use out of your time and products. 

For instance, windows, air con and vents should be prioritised. Our patented range of Trigger Products are ‘all purpose’ cleaners that come in a variety of forms to suit all areas of your business. 

Secondly, surfaces and conference rooms and bathrooms should be considered – remember that any linen should also be cleaned with a reliable and germ-focused laundry detergent

The floors should be left until last and whether you operate an office space or warehouse, we have a range of commercial floor cleaning solutions that negate chemical spillage or handling of harmful chemicals.

Why Solupak?

Solupak is the only manufacturer of entirely water soluble cleaning products that are designed, tested, made and distributed from an in-house team of experts based in the UK.

We are both eco-friendly and cruelty free with all of our products being highly concentrated, meaning no unnecessary water and lower carbon footprints.

If you’d like to clean your business with the environment in mind, contact us now. Alternatively, call one of our experts on +44 (0) 1924 565120 or email at [email protected].