Peartree cleaning services

Peartree Cleaning Services is a specialist commercial cleaning and support services business. Established in 1986, Peartree employs over 1400 fully trained, cleaning and support staff across the UK.

Recognised as a partner of choice, with incredibly high standards and an excellent reputation, their services are delivered through experienced teams to
some of the best-known companies in the UK

Why soluCLEAN

The Solupak product range supports Peartree’s strategy and vision

Our products are manufactured in line with Peartree’s sustainable supply chain strategy.

Being cost-effective is a real highlight of the Solupak product range. We agreed a costs framework with Peartree to perfectly match their spending plan.

Zero waste and plastic reduction is a significant driver for Peartree and Solupak. In the first year of our partnership, Peartree lowered trigger spray bottle usage by 22,000. Product development is in house, giving Peartree flexibility in terms of product colour, package sizing and fragrances.

The Backstory

Product trials were completed at key client sites in 2018 and critical feedback gathered from all stakeholders to provide a rationale for including Solupak in a commercial tender exercise.

Following the tender, Solupak supported Peartree as necessary with team presentations, product samples, site visits, H&S data, wallcharts and training materials all of which were bespoke to the approved Peartree range of products.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Solupak developed and tested a virucidal disinfectant that Peartree has successfully implemented across the business for both hands-on cleaning and atomised surface protection.

Customer Testimonial

“As a family and well respected commercial cleaning and support to use, which is why our partnership with Solupak has been a success… we started rolling out the Solupak products in 2018, and this transition was done with ease, thanks to the valuable training materials and services that were provided by their team. We have the Solupak products ran as smoothly as possible.”

Mike Rowley
Operations Director