Cleaning Contractors

Broadfords are an international cleaning contractor who have been in operation for 25 years.

Broadfords are a fast, friendly and fully functional professional cleaning company, predominantly operating within the business and retail sectors. Well renowned throughout the Republic of Ireland, Broadfords have become the flagship operator of the Soluclean product range in that country.

Why soluCLEAN

The Solupak range lends itself to the requirements of Broadfords International- they had a problem, and we provided the solution…

Broadfords requirements: save on space, delivery size and fuel costs.

1. Save on space… the Solupak product range is packaged in watersoluble film, with no single use plastic involved and the products take up minimal space. Through implementing our products, a whole pallet of 5 litre liquid concentrate can be replaced with 4 packets of our product.

2. Delivery size… as water is added after transportation, and the products are distributed in water-soluble sachets, the size of deliveries is relatively small, meaning that greater amounts of product can be ordered.

3. Fuel costs… the weight of the load is consequently lighter due to having zero liquid to transport to customers; meaning that the cost of delivering our products to you and your distributors is considerably reduced.

The Backstory

The partnership between Broadfords and Solupak began back in 2018, after Broadfords struggled to find suppliers of top quality water-soluble cleaning agents.

Having experienced unreliable suppliers and unsatisfactory products, Broadfords were able to halt their search for soluble cleaning products when they discovered the Solupak range.

Having developed a strong relationship in the two- year partnership, Broadfords now order four products from the range. These are Food Safe Degreaser Floor Cleaner, Heavy Duty Scrubber Drier Cleaner, Glass Cleaner and Surface Sanitiser.

Customer Testimonial

“We started using the Solupak products in 2018 after having some trouble with previous suppliers who turned out to be unreliable. We have never had an issue with obtaining stock from Solupak, and the products have been the most effective that we have tried. The values and ethos of Solupak set them apart from companies that we have worked with in the past, with their vegan and cruelty free accreditations being key to our initial and continued involvement with them. We restrict our stock lists overall, but order 4 products from Solupak, and would not say no to advancing on this in the future due to the reliability of the company!

We look forward to maintaining our relationship with the Solupak brand.”

Eoin O'Brien
Operations Director